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Yidmaps: Everything Jewish on a map.

Yidmaps is a location data mapping service, bringing cutting-edge, verified mapping to the Jewish world. Our goal is to give the Jewish community the ability to find everything they need easily and accurately.

By collecting a comprehensive dataset of everything Jewish—from synagogues to kosher restaurants to mikvaos to the local bus stops used by the community—we’re offering users the ability to see everything about their own community, or a community they’re interested in visiting or moving to, on one map.

Because we reach out and verify every piece of information that goes on our maps, you can be certain that what you’re seeing is accurate. And because we incorporate community feedback into our service, our data isn’t just a top-down view of the Jewish world; it’s a place where you’re getting the wisdom of the wider Jewish world, in incredible detail, on your desktop or mobile device.

Don’t just rely on playing Jewish geography when you’re looking for information. Come to Yidmaps and find your way through the Jewish world.