Who is Yidmaps?

Yidmaps provides location data services for the Orthodox Jewish community worldwide. Our main offering is a free online interactive map that aims to include every single point of interest of relevance to the Jewish community and to Jewish day-to-day living. Read more in the About page.

Isn’t that what Google Maps is for?

Google Maps is great at what it does, but it can’t cater to the specific needs of our community. When you search Yidmaps for restaurants, you will only get accurate kosher-certified results. Eruvs, shuls, mikvahs, Jewish camps and colonies, bikur cholim rooms... we’ve got them all!

There are so many kosher restaurant apps. Do we really need another one?

We love the myriad of Jewish informational websites and apps that are available out there! In fact, we have worked with several to incorporate their data into Yidmaps. But Yidmaps is different in three ways:

  • We’re comprehensive. We include restaurants, shuls, eruvs, mikvahs, cemeteries, hospital chesed rooms, and even bus stops that serve Jewish communities—and more!
  • We’re verified. Coordinates, addresses, and information is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. You won’t pull up in front of your destination only to find out it’s not there.
  • We’re clean and beautiful. Our map is designed from the ground up, using the latest in web cartography. There aren’t a million pins obscuring every point on our map. You won’t be befuddled by an irrelevant list of results. Instead, our technology gives the user the ability to see what they are looking for and to find their way there, easily.

Where does the data on Yidmaps come from?

We carefully collect and verify the data from the most reliable sources. That includes local rabbis, community leaders, organizations, and local community members, to make sure our data is accurate and up-to-date. When the data is provided by a third party, a link to the source will be provided.

Why don’t I see every location on your map when I’m zoomed out?

Seeing too much is as bad as seeing nothing. We want you to see a map, not a wall of markers. Our map intelligently hides markers so that multiple locations don’t overlap with each other. To see everything there is in a specific location, zoom in.

How do I search on Yidmaps?

Our search tool is better than the community know-it-all; it really knows it all. You can search using broad terms, like “shul” or “restaurant,” or zip codes. And you can refine your searches by adding search terms in any combination. For example, if you’re only interested in food establishments, add the word “food” to the search. If you want to just see shuls in the zip code 11691, search for “shuls 11691.” For more, take the tour on our home page!

Why do I only see 20 results?

To keep you from getting lost, we only show you the top 20 results closest to the current center of the map. To see more results, pan or zoom the map to a different location, and search again.

I see something that needs to be corrected or added.

We verify our information constantly, and we’d like you to be part of that process. If you feel there needs to be a correction to a listing, use our edit feature on the search results for that listing to make corrections. We will review your correction and update the listing promptly. If you see something that’s missing, reach out to us at info@yidmaps.com so we can add it to Yidmaps. And if you have any suggestions or ideas to improve our services, we want to hear them. Please reach out to us.

Are you going to release an app?

Apps for iOS and Android are a high priority for us and are in the works. Meanwhile, we’ve made sure that our map is designed so that it works responsively on your mobile phone. You can also add our website to your phone’s home screen through your browser’s menu.